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March 31, 2014

Disk Speed Test: Promise Pegasus R6 (RAID 5)

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I ran a speed test on the Promise Pegasus R6 (RAID 5) backup system. Watch the YouTube video below to see how the Pegasus stacks up.

4 responses to “Disk Speed Test: Promise Pegasus R6 (RAID 5)”

  1. Alec makes some very good points. However; that is why I always keep multiple RAID units that sync between themselves on a pre determined basis after verifying integrity. #smartdataprotection

  2. Alec Weder says:

    The biggest issue with RAID are the unrecoverable read errors.
    If you loose the drive, the RAID has to read 100% of the remaining drives even if there is no data on portions of the drive. If you get an error on rebuild, the entire array will die.

    A UER on SATA of 1 in 10^14 bits read means a read failure every 12.5 terabytes. A 500
    GB drive has 0.04E14 bits, so in the worst case rebuilding that drive in a five-drive
    RAID-5 group means transferring 0.20E14 bits. This means there is a 20% probability
    of an unrecoverable error during the rebuild. Enterprise class disks are less prone to this problem:

  3. […] running disk speed tests on both the Promise Pegasus R4 and R6, we now pit them against each other in a Blackmagic speed test. Who will […]

  4. Nice video. What disc speed test program was that? Hefty price tag for that performance? How do you think it compares to NAS 8T|BUFFALO TS-XE8.0TL/R5 R? Also what kind of drives come in that rig? Have you ever done any RAID 5 data recovery before?

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