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March 7, 2018

I had class tonight…. did you?

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Tuesday afternoon: media declares major NYC area snowstorm for Wednesday

Tuesday 9:17pm: I post a message to my courses Slack channel advising students that Wednesday’s 6PM class will be moved online to a conference room. I make it clear that the course will meet even if the college closes.

Tuesday 10:13pm: 100% of students in the course confirm receipt of the message within Slack using Slacks “Simple Poll” app. That’s 100% of students confirming the message in under an hour. This was made possible due to Slacks push notification system and my amazing students.

Wednesday 10am: No snow. I go to work.

Wednesday 1pm: Snow

Wednesday 2:26pm: The college closes – canceling all remaining classes.

Wednesday 6:00PM: My PAD 713 class meets in a online virtual room. I have 100% student attendance with everyone arriving in the room by 6:05pm. This was the first time I used the technology with these students.

What made this possible?
1) Planning
2) Funding for a zoom license (thanks student technology fee)
3) Amazing and dedicated students

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